Originally developed by Lorna Nichols - former member of The Australian Ballet - the ADV tap syllabus gives students a solid grounding in technique taking the young student right through to professional level.

A special programme for the Adult and Teenage Beginner is also available giving students the opportunity to progress at their own pace. The programme features twelve levels progressively introducing new techniques to develop and challenge the dancer. Using creative choreography in a variety of styles, time signatures and speeds, allows the student to develop rhythm and musicality while increasing their technical ability.

Lorna Nichols, herself an experienced tap dancer, has created the course with commitment and passion evident in the comprehensive and thorough programme. A challenging and rewarding course for dancers. Lorna has been assisted by her daughter Lauren Nichols and also Monika Urquhart.  The ADV syllabus technical work is enriched by additional body science and tap history worksheets.

For enquiries, contact ADV head office by phone (02) 9449 4212 or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..