Syllabus Content

ADV's syllabus is Australian-owned which means all funds remain in Australia.

The program fosters and nurtures children's development as whole persons, not merely a dancing body. The syllabus covers a wide range of dance subjects including not only technique but also anatomy, nutrition, history, performance skills, creative dance, mime and improvisation, music appreciation and industry knowledge. Students become articulate and skilled pre-professionals.

The Syllabus from Beginner levels to Major Four include:

  • A comprehensive approach to dance education
  • Safe Dance
  • Technical Skills and Knowledge
  • Solo Performance
  • Creative Choreography
  • Musical Knowledge
  • Dance History
  • Basic Body Science
  • Dance Terms & Vocabulary
  • Understanding of body alignment and stage directions and terminology
  • Attitude component including cooperative learning processes
  • Communication sessions on career options in dance

ADV syllabus worksheets are a compulsory part of the syllabus and assessment process.  Worksheets start from Preparatory level and are used in conjunction with the Attitude and Ability marks.
All students must complete worksheets at each level required - these should be marked by the teacher and checked by the assessor.