Syllabus Content

ADV's syllabus has been pre-aligned and endorded by ADi to meet "technical" vocational performance standards. They can be taught and examined (assessed) in stand-alone mode by ADV assessors.

Additionally, being designed to provide competencies for dance education,  attainment of each ADV level is mapped to a relevant competency in CUA Certificates I - IV in Dance via ADi (ADV's Corporate Partner).   Each course contains an age based progression from one level (competency) to the next. This allows for both physical and mental development from beginners to pre-professional levels and is paced to suit the formative years of a young dancer's physical and cognitive development. Treated as a whole each course (ADV + ADi) includes:

  • A comprehensive approach to dance education
  • Safe Dance
  • Technical Skills and Knowledge
  • Solo Performance
  • Creative Choreography
  • Musical Knowledge
  • Dance History
  • Basic Body Science
  • Dance Terms & Vocabulary
  • Understanding of body alignment and stage directions and terminology
  • Attitude component including cooperative learning processes
  • Good preparation for educational school dance (see VET in Schools)
  • Communication sessions on career options in dance

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