ADV Teachers Qualification

The ADV Teachers Certificate is aimed at new teachers who want to teach the ADV syllabus. Existing members are welcome to do it as well.

There are four components consisting of three technical and one theory:

  1. Prepare and demonstrate a dance class in classical ballet - covers basic classical ballet dance technique.
  2. Demonstrate basic dance techniques in a 1 ΒΌ hour Vive Voce - show working knowledge of three levels (candidates choice) between Beginners and Level Four.
  3. Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of the ADV syllabus including Musical Rhythms in a Vive Voce assessment - Show practical demonstration and knowledge of three levels between Beginners and Level Four or Prelude and Major 4.
  4. Complete Effective Teaching Methods - workbook and worksheet provided. There is also more information provided in the Requirements and Reports document and Booking and Enrolment Teachers Cert IV form.

New teachers will be asked to complete the ADV Teachers Certificate within the first two years of membership. This assures that new teachers know the work and understand progressions and breakdowns of exercises.

If you would like more information on the ADV Teachers Certificate please complete this form.

Teacher Vocational Qualifications

ADV is a Corporate Affiliate of ADi a registered training organisation that delivers nationally-recognised qualifications (via ADV's ADi-Endorsed syllabus). See ADi for further information.

Student Vocational Qualifications

For information on dance training courses visit AUSTRALIAN DANCE iNSTITUTE (ADi).

Assessor Vocational Qualifications

For information on assessor training courses, visit AUSTRALIAN DANCE iNSTITUTE (ADi).