Membership Details

ADV financial membership is due from 1 January each year.

Enquires on membership can be directed to the National Coordinator - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

ADVs membership categories include:

Dance School & Teacher
Probationary School & Teacher - First year
Dance School - non teaching proprietor
Dance Teacher
Probationary Dance Teacher - First year
Assistant Teacher - 16-21 yrs or teaching 8 or less hours per week ADV
Technical Assessor only
Friend of ADV
Major Student
Junior Student

All Financial Members have access to:

  • Regular To The Pointe Newsletter
  • Assistance to teacher with assessment organization
  • Access to annual technical Professional Development workshop
  • Syllabus guidance
  • Easy access to syllabus additions or alterations
  • All Major level students receive a welcome pack and can attend technical professional development for free
  • Access to our social media members only page
  • Opportunities to become workshop tutors and technical assessors

Australian Dance Vision promotes ethical standards and professional business practice for dance teachers
To assist teachers and the following Code of Ethics must be displayed in the studio.

ADV Teachers and Schools should:

  • Act with integrity at all times when dealing with students and members of the community.
  • Adopt policies and practices that will ensure that the quality of training programs offered are relevant and in accordance with accepted training standards.
  • Ensure:
    • the accuracy of any promotional advertising material records are current and valid
    • there are correctly maintained facilities in which to conduct classes and assessments (as outlined in the Occupational Health and Safety Safe Dance Checklist
    • that the employment of qualified staff and the provision of ongoing staff training is sufficient to deliver the ADV syllabus
    • formulation of and compliance with an acceptable refund policy
    • compliance with any conditions of membership of ADV
    • support ADV, the organisation that works on your behalf
    • the highest ethical standards are upheld
    • all employees have been approved for a Working With Children Check
  1. Undertake to ensure that all employees, assessors and representatives are familiar with and agree to comply with this Code of Ethics.
  2. Refrain from associating with any enterprise which could be regarded as acting in breach of this Code of Ethics.
  3. Advertise ADV syllabus ethically and with care to adhere to the ADV guidelines for advertising.

    This Code of Ethics is copyright free for ADV professionally Certified teachers/schools.