This newly structured syllabus and assessment system is a locally developed suite of age based progressive work which addresses the dancer as well as the dancing body. Students are assessed in a non-threatening environment, and the income generated remains in Australia and creates employment. We aim to teach and nuture, not just potential dancers, but creative individuals, choreographers, dance administrators, teachers and articulate, intelligent dance audience members.

Peta Davidson, former member of The Australian Ballet and Owner/Teacher of Northern Ballet.

I value the holistic approach of the jazz syllabus as it encompasses not only the technicalities of the style but also anatomy and physiology, dance history, nutrition, safe dance, musicality and stage craft. It has notably increased the students understanding of how the jazz genre has evolved and changed, which is of great significance in an industry where styles are becoming broader, or increasingly fused, as time progresses. The use of the syllabi and certificate course work has also further complimented and enhanced the general jazz and JFH program whereby technical skills, standards and knowledge are elevated. Strong traditions, terminology and a sense of etiquette is evident in classical context across schools and studios; the ADV jazz syllabus has provided great impetus for us to instil these elements deeply in our jazz curriculum also.

Sofie Batchelor – ADV Dance Coordinator Abbotsleigh School for Girls.

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